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In the past 89 years, it is being showed in a good way, but the Vinayaka Natya Mandali is not having financial support which is needed.

          Surabhi was known for Andhra Villages very well.  But the economic conditions were poor.  And the education of the children was quite disturbed due to the nomadic life.  Even till today Surabhi of Vinayaka Natya Mandali, members have no houses anywhere and good permanent theatre.  Now they are requesting the NRI donors and the Govt. of A.P. to provide, shelter and a theatre.

          Surabhi’s fame grew internationally.  Not only that, the children of the Surabhi family got the chance to perform on the stage without disturbing their education.  There are kids who study the primary, secondary educations, and there are young people who are also pursuing post graduations, and PHD’s, in Theatre Arts.  So, they are badly needed for encouragement in getting education.


The children and young artists who area dedicating themselves for enrich the art of drama, have no education.  Due to travelling here and there, there is no chance to study even upto tenth class in the same place.  Really they are travelers.  It is the duty to the Government atleast to see the facilities, fee concession, travelling free passes as well as the medical facilities.

          Now, the Vinayaka Natya Mandali is appealing to all including NRI intellectuals and donors to come forwards for getting a land to permanent theatre in Hyderabad or around the city.  It is depended up an the donors only for the settlement in their life.

          We have to protect the lamp of Drama Culture, which is highly standard and traditional values.  Once again Sri Vinayaka Natya Mandali appeals to everybody to help in this regard.


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R. Venugopal Rao
A/c. No: 20019033695
IFS Code: SBIN0001373
State Bank of India,
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