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Surabhi is famous for its Drama's, as it is a teaching institution of traditional values to next generation.

There is a great importance of keeping dramas alive. Though there are many drama groups, Sri Sri Vinayaka Natya Mandali (Surabhi) is unique. This is not an organization; This is a system which has travelled through 89 years with discipline and dedication. Any other group can let live a play (drama) for some time; But this troupe makes the play eternal since this troupe is one family. The descendants inherit the Drama as their asset as well as the essence of life. This stage is the responsibility to keep going on; As school where the essence of life dwells, in the meaning of the life. A Surabhi artist is an artist by birth. It quite understands if we know that most of the Surabhi artists brought on to the stage on their 11th day from birth to perform the role of infant-Krishna, Prahlada and Lava. They feel proud to have the child artist of Surabhi. This is the seventh generation since from 1885 from the birth of Surabhi.

The Surabhi artists are very active and dedicative. They participate in all stage skills. They feel the stage is a temple. They are all devotees. They feel every role of there is pure. They are all perfect in any role. The set making or the molding work or the costume makings or the electrical work or any other task that's related to the Surabhi drama are performed by the family. All the artists are technicians as well. There is no difference between the artists whether the artist playing a major role or a medium role; when the artist retire from the current seen, he/she would participate in the back-stage work to make out the next set of the scene. They will be ever busy in day time also in making drama materials, curtains, electrical work, make up, in every stage work.

The team has sportive spirit in playing their roles, dedicating the art of drama. Never the low income, depression, dishearten them. They play their goal is utmost satisfaction of the viewer. Even for one viewer, unhesitendly they stage full length play.Income: The committed artists never hesitated to stage a play even though they got a little amount. But it is a fact that, daily their expenses goes upto Rs.5,000/- for each play. It is piteous condition to exist their families within the least amount.

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