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The Family

R. Koteswar Rao was not only actor, but also writer. He wrote Mugguru Marateelu, Chenchulaxmi, Gunasundari Katha, were very popular. Whenever they stage these drama and were fully enjoyed and appreciated by the audience.

They used to travel their drama materials through Railway Wagons, wherever they go to play their drams. Koteshwar Rao has two wives, one Laxmi Kanthamma another wife was Vinajakshamma. He has seven boys two girls. After death of Koteswar Rao, the entire responsibilities were on should of R.Narasimha Rao son of Koteswar Rao. In 1970, Mr. R. Narasimha Rao, changed the name as "Vinayaka Natya Mandali" from "Kamalananda Natya Mandali".

Starwats, Rama Rao and Koteswar Rao were Pandits also, they know "Amaram" and Sanskrit Language. They changed their language Marati, to Telugu and learned accordingly – First they used to exhibit their performances as "Bhagavathulu" before good audience of Zamindars and Land Lords. Under their, encouragements, slowly they tuned to Drama shows regularly. Specially the myth logical plays were very popular. In those days, the plays were attractive, and technically high valued.

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