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The Family

Mother Organisation: SURABHI Theatre has its own credits and counts. Origin was established in Cuddapah District, Andhra Pradesh 130 Years ago. It was Touring Theatre. Under invention of Sri Panavasa Sanjeev Rao this drama culture has started and strengthened life to Telugu Drama. Late Sanjeev Rao, has two wives, and 10 family members. He sacrified his life before village Goddess, Leaving his entire property to his brothers. The father less family was run by elder son. Ramayya, who was named as Padda Ramayya, was a good actor and director. His fore fathers and grand fathers were are maratees, who were migrated from Maharastra, and shifted to Royalaseems. They were decided and got shelter at Balakonda and Rayadurgi. Earlier they were soldiers during the rule of Chatrapathi Shivaji.

In 1885, these old artists were started their career playing puppet shows at Surabhi Reddy Palem in Cuddapah District. During special occasions, the child artist Govindappa, along with prodigies used to exhibit "Keechakavadha". It was the "Curtain Raiser" to the history of Telugu Drama hailed by Govindappa. The same Govindappa, became father of SURABHI as Vanarasa Govinda Rao.

Village Heads, Reddys, helped Govind Rao by arranging shelter in temporary sheds in that village, became their patent name as Surabhi. Not only shelter, he provided Guru Rapati Subba Rama Bhagathar, for giving training in music, Drama, Dialogue ect., in that Village.

Surabhi theatre took rootes in a village, Surabhi(originally called Sorugu) in Cuddapah district of Andhra Pradesh almost a hundred and twenty six years ago. After surviving all the vagaries of man and nature its story reads more like a piece of fiction. This movement goes on record as the only one of its kind in the world, run entirely by the descendants of the family, that too for such a long time.

The father of the Surabhi community was Vanarasa Sanjivarao who earned his bread by puppetry. After his unfortunate death his son venkappa took the responsibility to run the puppetry shows. Venkappa adopted a nine years child named Govindarao. Govindarao, with his all zeals, went to many theatres of the time in India and learned many new things regarding the dramas and acting. He was the first one in Surabhi who introduced actors performing on the stage instead of puppets.

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