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Bala Nagamma
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Duration: 2 hours 25 minutes
Writer: Kanvasri & Baddi Reddy Koteswar Rao
Direction: R. Venu Gopal Rao


This is a wonderful family story and very interesting folk love. This story belongs to pangal dynasty.

There was a king Nara Bhoja, has a wife Bhodaxshi. For the children they reached "Jatanga Muni", and prayed. Jatanga Muni tells here to take seven fruits from "Santhana Phala Vriksham". After taking seven fruits, she got seven children. But she took another fruit out of her desire, when the snake king was guardening the tree, got annoyed. Bala Nagamma, was the seventh children. As Bhoolakshmi died due to snake angry, Nara Bhoja Raja married another lady Manikyala Devi.

But Manikyala Devi, was not happy with the children and forced them to leave in the forest. She quarreled with husband in this raged, un heisting, husband sent them to deep forests.

Then entry of Mayala Marati in an interesting incident. Mayala Marati was a wiked and used to punish beautiful ladies and goodmen. Marati is having a lover Sargu. He was a worshipper of Kshudra Devatha. Also, he brought Balanagamma by miracles into his custody. Balavardhi Raju son of Karyavardhi, all the family members, soldiers of Karyavardhi were stone shaped in the custody of Mayala Marathi. Mayala Marati life secret was in the parrot. Balavardhi Raju, cleverly brought the parrot and killed. After all the poisoned persons were released and were happy.

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