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Srinivas Kalyanam
Srinivasa Kalyanam
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SREE SRINIVASA KALYANAMU (Synopsis of the drama story)
Srinivasa Kalyanam
Bhrugu" takes advantage of his proposed "Yagnam" proceeds to test "Thrimurthulu" i.e., Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva and Lord Maha Vishnu. Facing insult, he dedness Brahma as "Rajaguna Pradham", Shiva as "Tamoguna Pradham" and curses the former barring from possess of Temples and worship on the Earth. The later, i..e, Shiva to have worship only in "Linga Roopam". Thus he proceeds to Vaikuntham to see Lord Vishnu. There also he faces dis regard. He gives a blow with his foot on the Chest of the Lord, which is the prime place of "Lakshmi", the Godess of wealth. She leaves Vaikuntham and arrives on the Earth (i.e., Bhoolokam).

One day, the caretaker of the Cows, observes that the "Black Cow" (i.e., Brahma) leaving its milk in the Snake den and informs the kind. In the presence of the king the caretaker "Appanna" raises his hand stick to beat the cow. Unfortunately, Srinivasa (Lord Vishnu) receives the blow and gets injured. The Lord curses "Appanna" to become blind and the king to become a "Devil". On their repentance and prayer, Lord (Later names himself as "Srinivasa") pleases to give their originality, on his reapprance.

As the matter stands thus, Vedavathi" of "Thretayug" who ablazed herself on the insult of king "Ravana" takes her birth in a "Lotus". Akasa Raju while proposing to perform "Putra Kamesti" to possess children, finds a small kid in his field. As the girl is found in a lotus (hiden in a trunk), Narada sage names her as "Padmavathi".

As the time passes, Padmavathi grows, and one day, she visits the "Udyana Vanam" (Garden) where incidentally "Srinivasa" looks her and both fo them fall in love. On the advice of Srinivasa his caretaker – mother "Vakula Matha" proposes to visit the king "Akasa Raju" and to request him for the betrothal of "Padmavathi" with "Srinivasa". Meanwhile, Srinivasa visits Akasa Raju place in the guise of "Erukalasani" and tells the queen (Dharani Devi) that Srinivasa is none but Lord "Maha Vishnu" and that he intends to marry Padmavathi. The king and the queen immensely feel rejoiced and sends an invitation to Srinivsa to accept for the betrothal. On the initiative taken by sage "Narada", Kubera (Lord of Treasure) arranges the required money to "Vakula Matha", on the condition the Vaddi Kasula (Interest) paid by the people in Kaliyuga and the Principle returned by Lord Vishnu after this return to Vaikuntam.

"Sree Srinivasa Kalyanam" takes place with Padmavathi in a grand and befitting manner, which is graced by all Gods and Godesses. This particular scene runs on a 10 minutes song of melody mixed with veda chanting and the audience one kept spell bound.

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