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Satya Harishchandra
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Satya Harishchandra
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Duration: 2 hours 25 minutes
Writer: R. Narasimha Rao
Direction: R. Venu Gopal Rao


Raja Harishchandra was Ruler of Ayodhya. He was famous for true teller, like Sri Rama Chandra. He was from Ikhswaka Dynasty. He conquered Kama, Krodhadi Six evils and ruled his kingdom with peace and joy. In a dispute with Vasista Viswamitra challenged to be proved Harishchandra as a lier. Vasista did not accepted this challenge and said, No body can change his attitude.

Vishwamitra asked Harishchandra huge money and leave the country. Raja Harishchandra was decided to pay the amount and was ready to leave the Royal Life. Meanwhile, Vishwamitra forced the king to marry Matangi his creation. He rejected this proposal and sacrificed entire property, wealth and kingdom and left to forests. He faced unbearable troubles in forests. He lost his son by snake bite.

To, clear the debits, Raja Harishchandra worked as servant at Veerabahu in the burial ground. He has to take the buriaol fee and pay to Nakshatra, Who was employed by Viswamitra. One day his wife chandramathi, came to the burial ground with his son's dead body. She was pennyless. Before this incident chandramathi was sold to Kala Koushika, and she was a servant.

When Chandramathi, went to Kashi Tour to collect money, She was accused in a murder case. For this Harishchandra was forced to kill her. Harishchandra by saying "Satyameva Jayathe" lifted Knife. Thus he proved his life as a true ruler. Lastly, the Gods Parvathi Parameshwarlu, Viswamitra along with angels appeared and blessed. He was very happy with his wife and son by the grace of God.

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