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Pathala Bhairavi
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Duration: 2 hours 25 minutes
Writer: R. Narasimha Rao
Direction: R. Venu Gopal Rao


In the Kingdom of Ujjayini there was a King Ugrasena. He has a beautiful daughter Indumathi. His brother-in-law was Seenu.

He has many wonderful gardens. In this garden, Shantamma was gardner. She has a son 'Ramudu'. Because of gardening duty he was famed as Thata Ramudu. His close friend was Anji (Anjaneyulu).

Meanwhile, Thota Ramudu, loves Kings daughter Indumathi, which was not liked by King. The angry King, Prisoned Thota Ramudu. Indumathi argued with father, that he was very good man and loves me. Then king kindly released Thota Ramudu, subject to the condition, if he returns with heavy money, gold, jewels etc. Thota Ramudu was on the line.

Nepala Mantrikudu, was a devotee of Upasana Devi and urges the godess to capture all powers. The Godess told that, it was not possible with me, but try to get grace of "Patala Bhairavi" in the north side of Ujjayini. To get tremendous boons, he has to sacrifies one good, brave, beautiful and courageous young one. In this search, Nepala Mantrikudu acrossed Thota Ramudu and assumed him to give gold, jewels and money. So, Thota Ramudu followed him at the time of scarifying, Thota Ramudu, knows about wicked mantrika, by a Lady Yakshini.

Thotha Ramudu, then killed mantrik in front of Pathala Bhairavi Godess. She appeared and gave all boons. By getting money, gold, jewels, he returned with joy to Ujjayini King and married Indumathi.

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